TI / ST Original Logic IC's CD4001 HCF4001BE to CD4093BE HCF4093BE DIP16

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Large range of logic IC's, some obsolete, all original parts from franchised source. 

ST HCF4001BE    Quad 2-input NOR gate
ST HCF4002BE    Dual 4-input NOR gate
TI CD4011BE        Quad 2-input NAND gate
ST HCF4013BE    Dual D-type flip-flop
TI CD4016BE       Quad bilateral switch
ST HCF4017BE    Decade counter 
ST HCF4018BE    Divide-by-N counter
ST HCF4020BE   14-stage ripple counter
ST HCF4021BE    8-stage shift register
TI CD4022BE       Octal counter
TI CD4023BE       Triple 3-input NAND gate 
ST HCF4024BE    7-stage binary ripple counter
ST HCF4025BE    Triple 3-input NOR gate
TI CD4026BE        Decade counter with decoded 7-segment 
ST HCF4028BE    BCD to decimal (1-of-10) decoder
ST HCF4029BE    Up/down counter
ST HCF4030BE    Quad XOR gate 
TI CD4049BE        Inverting hex buffer
TI CD4050BE        Non-inverting hex buffer
TI CD4051BE        8-channel analog MUX 
ST CD4052BE       Dual 4-channel analog MUX
ST HCF4066         Quad analog switch
TI CD4093BE        Quad 2-input Schmitt trigger NAND gate ***